what is Tower of Babel?

It’s a blog about global legaltech and innovation, for vendors as well as firms and in-house legal across the world. Here you’ll find series on Who’s Who in Legaltech, Trends in Legaltech, and What’s Happening Where in legaltech.

But there are many blogs about legaltech, what makes this one different?

It’s not just about the US. Or just about the UK. Or even just about the US and the UK.

Want to know how the Aussies are going crazy for design thinking? Or why Latvia is streets ahead in the automation game? Or what the hot new start-up is coming out of Japan? You’ll find it here.

At Tower of Babel you’ll get some serious thought pieces but you’ll also get irreverence. I like to mix it up. I will do conference reports but I won’t report on the sessions. I will talk about trends but I will not rehash media releases.

So who Am i?

My name is Nicola Shaver, but I generally go by Nikki. I do not have a degree in computer science, I have never studied artificial intelligence or data science or analytics. But I geek out on all things legaltech and might fairly be called obsessed with transformation in the legal industry. I have lived in 9 cities in 7 countries, so I’m interested in the global perspective. I have worked in a court system, a mid-sized law firm, a boutique law firm, large law firms on three different continents, and in-house legal, so I’m interested in cross-vertical. I’m studying for my 5th degree so I like the academic perspective but I am more fascinated by how that plays out in the real world. I like cocktails and dive bars. I wear dresses with sneakers. I have been working in legal innovation for six years and was a practicing lawyer for a long time before that, and those are the lenses I bring to the discussions on this blog. I currently work for a law firm in legal innovation, but the views expressed here are all my own.

I want to hear from you! Leave comments and send post ideas or guest post / collaboration requests to Nikki@Babel-law.com.